The Treatment Process

The Treatment process typically follows the following procedure


1. Initial telephone consultation to confirm if the InterX therapy is suitable for your condition. I will confirm the treatment, process, timescales and the costs involved.


Typically we CANNOT treat clients with InterX who have

  • A pacemaker fitted
  • Pregnancy
  • History of epilepsy
  • Active tumours

2. If agreeable, I will send you by email or post a Client Form to fill out as thoroughly as possible and to bring with you on your first consultation.


3. At the first consultation we will review the history of your condition, past treatments, medications, surgeries, your current pain level and your expected outcome.


4. I will explain the recommended treatment process to you, the treatment timescale and the potential outcome


5. As the InterX device needs direct skin contact along the spine area in most treatments, it is usual for the client to partially undress. An appropriate gown can be provided and privacy provided at all times when undressing. Localised treatment of the painful area is also undertaken


6. The sensation of the InterX device on the skin feels like mild ‘pins and needles’ at the point of contact and sometimes other parts of the body may tingle, This is quite common. Various InterX device accessories are used depending on the location of the treatment area


7. Treatments can last between 25 and 45 minutes depending on the condition and client. As the InterX device is interactive with the patient each treatment is unique


8. It is usual to feel relaxed after the treatment and typically clients sleep very well and deeply on the night of the treatment. The therapeutic benefits are often felt to be more effective on the day following the treatment.


9. For Chronic (long term) pain conditions we typically treat maximum of 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks then rest the body for 2 weeks before reviewing or continuing. For Acute Pain (very recent injuries) it is best to treat as soon as possible – sometimes every 4 hours and certainly once a day for the first week


If you have any questions or concerns during your treatment, please contact me at any time