We Provide Natural Treatment for Pain and Digestive Health Problems

Welcome to the Total Wellbeing Group, we provide natural treatment for pain and digestive health problems. My name is Geoff Layland and I will be pleased to help you with your Pain Management and Digestive problems!


But why come to me?


I think it’s important for you to understand why I set up the Total Wellbeing Group – so here is my journey


In 1993 I developed a serious health condition and amongst many painful symptoms, my digestive system was in a real mess. I had little or no appetite, constant nausea, bouts of diarrhoea, constipation, gas and bloating, symptoms of IBS, etc. I was losing weight rapidly and had little energy.


After many inconclusive NHS tests, expensive private consultations, the Doctors concluded it ‘might’ be ME, Chronic Fatigue, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, IBD... there was no potential ‘cure’ as they couldn’t really diagnose the problem. No ‘diagnosis’ meant they couldn’t prescribe a ‘pill’


I trained professionally as a Mechanical Design Engineer so was naturally inquisitive on how things work - and why they break. It occurred to me that I had to get to grips with how my body worked - and what was going wrong. The doctors couldn’t give me any conclusive answers at all.


What transpired was an amazing journey of discovery, meetings with many alternative and complementary health practitioners, training courses, and lots and lots and lots of reading! I became an ‘alternative health anorak!


I discovered that there was a ‘parallel health universe’ that our traditional medical profession didn’t know about or, if they did, gave it little attention - despite a respectable amount of positive clinical evidence over many years. I have the greatest respect for the training and dedication of many in the medical profession – but I witnessed some remarkable complementary therapies that seemed to be safe, effective, inexpensive and with little or no side effects. I had to get involved - so the seed for Total Wellbeing was planted.


Having tried many therapies that all worked in their own way, it was the focus on my ‘Nutrient’ intake that made the biggest positive impact. We have all heard the expression– “you are what you eat” – but more importantly “you are what you absorb”. And I had read that many people have really poor absorption of nutrients due to their poor state of digestive health – it’s basically blocked up with modern processed food. Give it a good clean with fibre and things improve!


So, along with cutting out the junk and processed food and improving the quality of what I did eat, I put together a list of all the nutrients that seemed to be necessary for ‘good digestion’. I was faced with about 10 pots of food supplements for fibre, probiotics, herbs, enzymes, etc. It was daunting. But it worked.


Slowly but surely my stomach cramps went, my bloating and wind stopped, my toilet habit became normal and regular, my appetite returned – and I ‘felt’ better. I had far fewer headaches, slept better and my energy levels were greatly improved. And I was hungry. Really hungry. I started to put weight back on – but it was ‘healthy’ weight


Over the years I adjusted the supplements until I was pretty sure I had the perfect mix for me. I then had the mental leap of just taking all the ingredients as powder mixed in water instead of dozens of individual supplement capsules – and the effect was even better. And a lot cheaper!


People who knew me when I was ill were amazed at how well I looked. “What are you on” was the general comment. “I’ve simply given my tubes a good spring clean – and put them back into balance” Soon I was getting requests for this ‘magic mixture’ – and ‘Intestinal Tone + DE’ was born. It is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and quality control.


I am not a medical practitioner and I make no medical claims for Intestinal Tone + DE – but if you take the time to see what the body needs to work effectively – it’s pretty much common sense. If you have digestive problems – consider it as a safe and natural option to get you back on track. I am so confident I will even offer you a money back guarantee!


As for the InterX Pain Treatment, I came across this technology in 1996 in my early years of investigation into the alternative healthcare treatments. It was originally a Russian made hand held device called SCENAR and a remarkable development on treating chronic and acute pain without drugs or invasive surgical procedures. It used a complex range of electrical stimulation of the nervous system via the skin.


In 2003 I was introduced to the InterX device by Dr Zulia Valeyeva-Frost, one of the worlds leading practitioners of Energy Based medicine systems and an early user of SCENAR technology.  As a natural treatment for pain the InterX device is an enhanced version of SCENAR with many western clinical trials underway. I purchased a unit and underwent training to treat a family member with severe Bursitis of the hip joint. The results were very impressive – a substantial long term reduction in pain without drugs or invasive surgery.


Over the following years I treated many family and friends for various acute and chronic pain problems – all with excellent results and underwent further specialist InterX training with Dr Valeyeva-Frost


After seeing such great improvements with this exceptional technology I decided it was time to offer this treatment therapy to my local area and I am delighted that it is the foundation therapy of The Total Wellbeing Group.


I am now a qualified Advanced InterX Therapist and have Insurance to practice. Further training courses are planned and CPD events to enhance my knowledge and practice.


Please contact me if you have any questions on the natural treatment for pain and digestive Health Problems or if you would like to discuss your treatment.


I wish you health and happiness


“Let food be thy medicine – and medicine be thy food”

Hippocrates (460 BC – c.370 BC)


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Arthur C Clark

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