What is InterX?

The InterX unit is a hand held Class 2 Medical Device (FDA, USA and MDA, UK approved) that uses an innovative form of gentle electric stimulation to boost the entire body’s healing ability. It is clinically proven for reducing pain, improving range of movement (ROM) and helping restore natural function to a person’s life. Used extensively in the USA and Europe, InterX offers a drug free, non-invasive pain treatment process that is safe, effective and boosts the body’s own natural healing processes.


Unlike TENS type devices, the InterX advanced stimulation is dynamic and uses biofeedback that responds directly to the patients’ personal requirements. This creates a treatment that is unique to that individual. It prompts the release of natural painkillers, called endorphins, that subsequently makes the recovery process faster and more effective.


This unique healing technology was developed by Russian scientists in the 1970’s to maintain the health of their Cosmonauts whilst in Space for 12 months at a time. This advanced technology was combined with the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridians and Acupuncture points. It resulted in a remarkably effective healthcare device that required no drugs or surgery – a true healthcare revolution.


40 years on this refined healing technology now has many positive clinical trials and offers a truly remarkable 21st Century healing process and is in included in the new pioneering area of ‘Energy Medicine’


InterX Therapy - To boldly go where no pain treatment has gone before!


Who maybe helped by InterX Therapy?

  •  Those who have pain where nothing else has worked for them.
  • Those who have nerve numbness, pain, or burning that is not relieved by injections or medications.
  • Long term problems from injury, failed surgeries, or disease that interferes with sleep and simple activities
  • Recent injuries or trauma to the body of any kind.

To discuss how I may help you, please call me at any time.


The best of health to you


Geoff Layland, InterX Practitioner

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