Testimonials: Intestinal Tone + DE

Following a gallbladder removal, 3 years ago, I had been suffering badly with bloating, explosive bowel movements, many trips to the toilet on a daily basis and such like, bringing my quality of life down. Following a referral to Geoff and his company I have seen an astonishing improvement. In a very small amount of time. Within a few days of taking the powder (Intestinal Tone + DE) my stools have become solid and regular, bloating has gone and also the gas that accompanied it. To say I am pleased would be a very big under statement!! Mr T L, Worcestershire


I can positively say this product has turned my life around and if it were to be discontinued for any reason, then I would be at a loss as to what to do. Many thanks for your concern and continued service.


Excellent product and fast delivery as always. Thank you.


Thanks again - wonderful effective product.


I've finally found something that works!.


Intestinal Tone was recommended to me by my homeopath. I thought I would give it a go! Not expecting much of a response, I had tried many things before. I could not believe in just two days I could see a difference. By two weeks I have lost colic like pains and abdominal bloating, also trip’s to the loo due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome have reduced from five to six times a day to only once.


It really has made a difference.- Mrs R.P., Leeds


Before ‘Intestinal Tone’ I was always tired, didn’t sleep well, and my head never felt clear. I felt generally that something wasn’t just right. Now I’ve none of the above symptoms, I have more energy and I am more relaxed and confident. - K.V. Bradford


Thank you for recommending Intestinal Tone. I have found it to be highly effective. At present I am following a prescribed low carbohydrate diet. The lack of starches dramatically reduced the fibre content in my diet and I suffered the side effects of reduced bowel activity. Since taking the Intestinal Tone normal daily bowel activity has been restored without affecting my diet or producing any unpleasant side effects. I feel generally better and seem to have more energy. Intestinal Tone has improved the quality of my life and I would highly recommend it. - V.M. Bolton


Seems to do what it says. Well worth trying.


Once again thanks very much - this is an excellent product.


This product really does work, Thank you so much, it has made such a difference.


Fast friendly service - Good product


Great, can't live without it!!!